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The Connotation Behind "iCLaS" of Professor Yugang Yu’s Laboratory (logo)

Full English Name: The Institute of Contemporary Logistics and Supply Chain

Initials: iCLaS

Connotation Expression: the letter "i" contains multiple meanings, including

    External Meanings: "i" is the abbreviation of Institute, which stands for internet, information technology and intelligentize. It also stands for the abbreviation of internet of things, information technology and intelligence in the fourth industrial revolution. "i" expresses the core value of the Institute of Contemporary Logistics and Supply Chain, which is the deep integration of network, information and intelligence.

    Internal Meanings: iCLaS is the abbreviation of "i class", which reflects that the laboratory is a team, and also a family. The team keeps firm friendship, family affection, and mutual help as classmates. "i" emphasizes the self-identity and the sense of belonging as one of the team member.

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