On the afternoon of May 25, 2021, Professor Yu Yugang, the director of Anhui Key Laboratory of Modern Logistics and Supply Chain (USTC), led the team to the Luge Building of Weitianyuntong Information Technology Co., LTD for annual progress meeting on the joint research projects. Chairman Wang Tiejun, CEO Feng Lei, general manager Qi Hao, director Xiong Yinchao, director Shen Yunchao, secretary Cao Meng attended the meeting, and the meeting was hosted by Secretary Cao Meng.

The two parties formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement since May 2020 and are committed to enhance a strategic long-term cooperation. The long-term goal is to help Weitianyuntong Information Technology Co., LTD to bulid a competitively integrated research system and establish a stable team through 3-5 years of cooperation. The research team creates a batch of research results and application innovations based on the new technologies and data-driven intelligent logistics in the industry. At present, three topics have been approved. The first topic is the abnormal monitoring and analysis of network freight platform data. Another topic is the influence of the social network characteristics of the Kayoudidai on mutual assistance behaviors, and the third research is on the data-driven freight security mechanism design of the network freight platform and its ecological impact mechanism.

At the meeting, Professor Yu Yugang, Chairman Wang Tiejun, and CEO Feng Lei delivered speeches on the feelings and expectations of the project over the past one year. Subsequently, Associate Researcher Shi Ye, Associate Professor Li Yina, and Associate Researcher Liu Bingbing reported on the three topics of the joint research project one by one. Post-doctoral Cao Shilei gave an opening report on a new topic. After the report on the four topics, the leaders of both parties evaluated the project and the four topics and gave corresponding opinions and suggestions.

At the exchange meeting, leaders of both parties learned about the research content, current research progress and results of each topic. Members of two parties fully discussed each topic, conducted various ideas, and inspired scientific research ideas. The inspiration could enrich the current research system and optimize research model in order to establish the direction and goal for the next development.

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