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Name Faculty Email
YU Yugang Professor ygyu@ustc.edu.cn
GUO Xiaolong Associate Professor gxl@ustc.edu.cn
LIU Jie Associate Professor jiel@ustc.edu.cn
Liu Lindong Associate Professor ldliu@ustc.edu.cn
YAN Xiaoming Associate Professor yanxm325@ustc.edu.cn
SHEN Xiaobei Associate Professor fayshen@ustc.edu.cn
CAO Qingning Associate Professor caoq@ustc.edu.cn
LIU Yan Non-tenured Associate Professor bizliuy@ustc.edu.cn
ZHENG Quan Non-tenured Associate Professor benzheng@ustc.edu.cn
Shi Ye Non-tenured Associate Professor hecules@ustc.edu.cn
Liu Bingbing Non-tenured Associate Professor lbb1224@ustc.edu.cn
Yu Hu Postdoctoral Fellow yuhu0421@ustc.edu.cn
Fan Yiming Postdoctoral Fellow jinkui@mail.ustc.edu.cn
SUN Libo Postdoctoral Fellow libosun@ustc.edu.cn
ZHANG Lu Postdoctoral Fellow zlu@ustc.edu.cn
Chen Kehong Postdoctoral Fellow ckh0605@mail.ustc.edu.cn
Zheng Shengming Postdoctoral Fellow zhengsm@mail.ustc.edu.cn
Cao Shilei Postdoctoral Fellow slcao@ustc.edu.cn
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