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Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Contemporary Logistics and Supply Chain is a provincial key laboratory prepared by the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province in 2019. This laboratory is one of the most important bases for the research and talent training of modern logistics and supply chain in China.

Laboratory research areas including: new technology-driven unmanned intelligent warehousing, intelligent distribution system management and platform-based supply chain operation management research. It mainly covers three research directions:

(1) Intelligent warehouse management research, including: research on the allocation strategy of intelligent warehouse system based on association mining, research on dynamic ABC storage strategy based on machine learning method, collaborative scheduling and optimization research of intelligent warehouse multi-intelligent system;

(2) Research on intelligent distribution system management, including: data-driven logistics distribution center location problem, logistics distribution model design and optimization research, data-driven logistics distribution path optimization problem, and pricing decision research for coordinating the balance of supply and demand of logistics distribution services;

(3) Platform-based supply chain management research, including: platform-based supply chain system design and operation collaboration research, platform-based supply chain information system and behavior mechanism research, platform-based supply chain risk analysis and governance research, platform-based supply Research on chain data mining and decision optimization.

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