In the past three years, the laboratory has cooperated with the government and many enterprises and institutions to obtain a total of more than 12 million yuan scientific research funds. The research results mainly serve for the apparel industry, logistics technology, home furnishing industry, home appliances, leisure food, cross-border e-commerce and many other industries business owners. The research topics mainly focus on internal inventory scheduling in warehousing systems, warehousing direct selling strategy and its upstream and downstream supply chain operation mode research, big data-oriented sales strategy and consumer behavior information research, etc. In addition, in order to achieve the promotion purpose, transformation purpose and application purpose of research project results, the laboratory has connected the data of related companies as long-term tracking research objects, and signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with many companies such as Red Star Macalline and Shenzhen New Trend International Logis-Tech. 


    At present, the laboratory has 76 researchers, including 1 innovation group leader of NSFC, 1 distinguished professor of Yangtze River scholars, 1 national outstanding youth, 1 Scientific and Technological Innovation Leader of National High-Level Personnel Special Support Program, 5 national excellent youth, 2 top-notch young talents of National High-Level Personnel Special Support Program, 2 young innovative talents, 4 New Century Excellent talents, and 1 candidate of talent program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Among the above researchers, there are 31 fixed staff, 11 professors, 17 associate professors and associate researchers, and more than 70% of them have overseas experience. The director of the laboratory is Yu Yugang, and the director of the academic committee is president Liang Liang of Hefei University of Technology. The members of the Academic Committee include Professor Zhang Junbiao of National University of Singapore, Professor Zhang Fuqiang of Washington University of St. Louis, vice president Shu Jia of Southeast University, vice president Wu Jie of University of Science and Technology of China, vice president Zhang Xiaoning of Tongji University, etc.


    In the past 5 years, various scientific research projects and academic research of the laboratory have cultivated 152 doctors, 257 masters, 3 outstanding young talents, 2 top-notch young talents for the National High-Level Personnel Special Support Program, 1 for Youth Innovation Talents Plan, and 1 for Scientific and Technological Innovation Leading Talents of the National High-Level Personnel Special Support Program. The laboratory maintains regular scientific research cooperation with high-level oversea research teams in Europe, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. At the same time, it attracts a large number of outstanding overseas young scholars to join the laboratory, and nearly 10 outstanding overseas doctors joined into the School of Management of the University of Science and Technology of China every year. Many of them are gradually integrated into the team and jointly cultivate master and doctoral students with professors in the team.

    The laboratory has published more than 560 papers in SCI area one and area two, of which more than 50 papers have been published the top journals, such as Operations Research (OR), Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (MSOM), Transportation Science (TS) and Production and Operations Management (POM), etc. 15 representative scientific research projects have been approved. The laboratory research results have won provincial awards such as the First Prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, and international academic awards such as the IISE Best Applied Paper Nomination Award (2019).


    The laboratory is located at the management and scientific research building of the University of Science and Technology of China. The laboratory covers an area of 1,200 square meters. It was fully renovated in 2018 and contains a exhibition hall, a laboratory research and development base, a data center, an information center, etc. In recent years, schools and colleges have invested more than 4 million yuan in total. There are 50 equipments in the laboratory, with a total value of more than 4 million yuan. The equipment intact rate is over 99% and the utilization rate is over 96%.


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